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* Flyer
This flyer is from Mr. Haihma Fuyuno, who writes the column "Shooting Game Galleryh for the cult Japanese games magazine Shooting Game Side.
This is an extremely large flyer that will take up five sheets of A4 or Letter-size paper placed vertically side-by-side at 41.3h x 11.7h (1050mm x 297mm).

* DEMO Version
Download the playable demo here.
If server is slow. please download DEMO version from here.

This photograph is of the desk of the gamefs producer, Micky Albert. There is just a 3 cm (~1 in.) gap between the left and right screens, but it can be played without any trouble. Regarding this gap, at the start of development, there were concerns that gWouldnft it be hard to play?h and gHow can you even play it?h We planned to cut the project If we werenft confidence that it would feel natural to play. We once again experienced the amazing abilities of the human brain.

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