Last update Sep.29th.2014

Released on STEAM!

We are running a 15% discount sale on Super Chain Crusher Horizon through sites where it is currently being sold (Desura, PLAYISM, and Green Man Gaming).

Those who have already purchased Super Chain Crusher Horizon or purchase it afterward on the Steam page above are being sent their Steam Keys.

Desura Digital Distribution

Playable demo avaliable. Check DOWNLOAD page !

Eclipses the normal Windows gamewith 3200x800 pixelsfor ultra widescreen shooting!
Let loose a series of chained chained explosions on this massive screen, the likes of which have never been seen before!
Completely fill a long 2000 pixel ultra-charge-shot gauge to unleash a massive explosion 2000 pixels wide!
It blows away all standards and crushes the competition! Introducing
Super Chain Crusher Horizon!

■ Movie

We had such great feedback from the screenshots on the download page (updated August 27), and a very large number of you wrote in mainly, “Demonstrate the actual size with more than screenshots.” Because so many of you expressed, “I want to see video more than screenshots!” I have uploaded a video taken with a camera in front of my two monitors. Please take a look!

■ Screeenshot
Click to open an extremely large 3200x800 pixel window. There are many more screenshots in the link below. Go take a look!
--> HERE

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