Last update SEP.6th.2012@

Super Chain Crusher Horizon is the largest, longest, most incredible PC shooting game in history with a two-player mode that is revolutionary.
And, itfs loaded with game modes that solve the problems had by most shoot eem ups.

* The Largest...
Absolutely enormous! The largest screen in history! 3200x800 pixels!

This image compares the screen size of Super Chain Crusher Horizon with the screens of Android phones, the many Xbox 360 games using 720p, current handheld games sold for Nintendo 3DS, and last yearfs PS Vita. This image demonstrates the overwhelmingly large screen size found only in games requiring two standard high-resolution PC monitors.

* Incredible...
Incredibly long explosion chains!
Fun is the essence of games, and these incredibly long explosion chains look even better on this sweeping display!
The largest and longest screen in history isnft simply for visual impact, but to greatly heighten the joy of games!

The first image is of a 25 Chain. The score is 1 + the length of the chain,
squared. 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100... The points earned grow large,
and here the right side of the image shows 676 points, from a 25 Chain.

The second image shows an even longer chain.
In a 31 Chain, the points for a single enemy climb to 1024 points.
Except for bosses, enemies are worth one point, so you that means that defeating this enemy with a single shot has increased the score by a factor of 1024.
The size of the largest screen in history and the mind-blowing explosions provide proper dynamics for astronomical scoring.

* The Longest...
The longest charge shot gauge in the history of gaming! At the bottom of the screen is a staggeringly long charge shot gauge!
Of course, the explosion from when youfve filled the gauge to the max is without a doubt the largest explosion in the history of gaming!

The top image shows the gauge charged to the max, while the bottom image shows the explosion from a max charged shot striking an enemy.

* Revolutionary...
A new type of two player mode!
This two-player simultaneous play mode breaks the format of normal play where each player flies the same ship.
The first player pilots the standard ship with same keyboard or game pad, but the second player assists, piloting a type of ship that lays mines with the mouse.

This style of two-player mode is enjoyable even if there is a big difference in the skills of the two players.
This is a new type of two-player mode where playing with two players is definitely better than playing with one.

* It Solves the Problems of Most Shoot eem Ups...
Timed High Score Challenge SPECIAL MISSIONS!

This screenshot is from one of the missions, Suicide Attack.
In this mission, players canft fire shots, just crash into enemies and shoot for a high score by destroying many enemies with the explosion.

With high score competitions, playersf skills improve as the length of play time increases.
It may take one hour to put out a personal record, but when you see the online ranking, the scores are far higher.
For people who play that much, you can see the amount of time required to put out this score. Thus, the length of time required is disheartening, so you stop playing, and become one of many people who donft have an interest in score competition games.

With SPECIAL MISSIONS, in 3 to 5 minutes, you can challenge your score in an extremely short amount of time, and this solves the fatal problem held by most competitive scoring games.

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